Health And CBD

There is a revolution going on in the Hemp World!
We like to call it the Green Rush and it is long overdue especially in the USA!
For literally thousand’s of years this amazing plant has been used for many things including but not limited to the areas of health, nutrition and industrial uses!

Hemp has a long history, the Chinese have grown hemp for 6000 yrs. In North America, particularly in the area that would later become the USA hemp was being grown by Native People before the first settlers built the original colonies!

The history of hemp cultivation and use run very deep in this country, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin both grew hemp on their plantations. Benjamin Franklin started one of America’s first paper
mills using hemp for paper!

For almost 200 yrs hemp was considered legal tender and could be used
to pay taxes! The first US flag was made from the fiber. All the rigging for the ships that sailed the early settlers to America used hemp fibers. The original drafts of the declaration of independence where written on paper made from this wonderful plant.
It would take up far too much time and space by listing all the examples of the multitude of uses for hemp, but to really get it to resonate I will list a few more before diving into the reasons it fell out of favor in the US!

  • Abraham Lincoln used hemp seed oil in his household hold lamps.
  • The USS Constitution one of our countries first warships used 50+tons of the fiber in its sails and rigging.
  • The original Levi’s jeans were made from it’s fibers
  • It’s fibers were used to make dungarees of navy sailors
  • 1916 USDA publishes findings that hemp products produce 4x more paper per acre than trees
  • 1938 Popular Mechanics writes an article showing how hemp could be used for up to 25,000 products
  • Henry Ford built a car body from hemp in 1942 which was 10x stronger than steel

The 1937 Marijuana tax act placed a tax on all cannabis sales, this started a major decline in the amount of hemp that was grown in the US. Misrepresentation and propaganda where also forces that contributed to hemps downfall!

Fast forward to 2018 and major changes are happening in the cannabis world! Many states in the US have made laws legalizing marijuana and hemp use, for recreational, medicinal and industrial uses!

President Donald Trump signed the farm bill into law on December 20th, 2018, which allows our farmers to grow industrial hemp!
Canada passed legislation on October 17th, 2018 making recreational use of marijuana legal!
Many countries worldwide have or are considering laws making cannabis legal at least for certain uses.

Cannabis products used in the health industry are experiencing rapid growth, especially products using CBD oil.
CBD (cannabidiol) is one of 104 different cannabinoids which are found in the cannabis plant. CBD does not get you high it has almost no THC, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana that makes you high!

In the US hemp cannot have a THC concentration of more than .03%! Currently there are many uses for CBD with many more to come Here is a

List of a few of the uses for CBD oil.

  • Oil
  • Tintures
  • cremes and lotions
  • animal treats
  • food products
  • Capsules & Pills
  • Vape oil & Vape pens
  • Some of the benefits of CBD
  • Relief of joint pain & inflammation
  • Muscle pain & Soreness
  • Skin care
  • Sleep support
  • Stress & Mood

The Cannabis industry is set to grow and become a multi bullion dollar industry over the next few years!